5 Tips For Perfect Ceremony Photos

Hey all you lovely couples! Are you planning a wedding and want to make sure you do all you can to ensure you get the best possible photos? Don’t worry, I gotchu!  Check out these 5 helpful tips for couples and what you can do to best help your photographer capture perfect ceremony photos on your wedding day! They’re pretty easy to do and mostly help to remind you to be intentional on your wedding day and soak in the celebration! So check them out below and stay tuned to the end for a bonus tip!

5 Tips For Perfect Ceremony Photos

1. Take Your Time. This goes for everything from walking down the aisle, holding your first kiss (5 second rule! Otherwise you run the risk of your photographer missing the first kiss!), to walking back down the aisle during the recessional! You want to move with intention, take your time, and soak in your wedding day. Bonus: you give your photographer adequate time to capture all the important moments!




2. Tell your officiant to beat it. After they pronounce you, of course! You want to tell your officiant to move out of the way after they pronounce you as married so that they’re not just awkwardly standing behind you during the first kiss!


3. CELEBRATE! Make a big show of just how happy you are to be married! Whether it’s a fist bump or a little dance, do something to show your guests just how stoked you are and it makes for pretty fun celebratory photos too!


love is rad


4. Give your guests something for the wedding-toss exit! These are such a fun and cute idea! We’re redefining the wedding rice in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly away.

Traditionally, throwing rice was symbolically about increasing one’s assets both as fertility and prosperity. Tossing it at newlywed couples was a sign of wishing them the best and good luck for newborn babies, good harvests, and everything else! As fun of a tradition as this is, we’ve since found out that it’s bad for birds who can swoop down and eat the remaining rice left on the floor. Apparently because the rice is so absorbent it can suck up the water in their bellies and… well, it’s just bad. Don’t do it. So here are some alternatives!

  • fresh leaves
  • dried flowers
  • rose petals
  • dried lavender
  • bubbles
  • paper airplanes
  • flags that they can wave around
  • popcorn
  • streamers
  • biodegradable confetti
  • maracas to shake
  • birdseed

dried flowers as confetti for this french country cottage wedding


5. Kiss at the end of the aisle! Don’t forget, you’re celebrating! So just make a big show of it, show off how happy you are, and plant a big ol’ kiss on your partner at the end of the aisle! Want to make it fancy and do a kiss and dip? EVEN BETTER! Just make sure you hold it for a few seconds to give your photographer a chance to capture the moment!


BONUS TIP: Have a technology free zone! Make an announcement before the ceremony asking your guests to put away their phones. This forces your guests to exist intentionally in the moment and pay attention to your wedding as it takes place and not through their cell phone! This helps the photographer be able to capture more photos of your guests emotions instead of faces obscured by cell phones (or worse, tablets!)


So there you have it! Your 5 Tips For Perfect Ceremony Photos! Did I miss anything? Do you have any other tips for awesome ceremony photos? Sound off in the comments below!

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