Mexico City Couples Session | Moy & Mercedes

I first met Moy Triana online where I followed his mountaineering and hiking adventures in and around Mexico CIty on instagram while I worked and hiked in Yosemite National Park, sharing my own adventures. That was over four years ago! We’d joke about visiting each other and hiking, showing off our respective spots.

Well, I was fricken stoked when I got the opportunity to visit Mexico City late last year. We finally got to meet face to face! I was floored when Moy and his wonderful girlfriend Mercedes so graciously opened up their home and welcomed me for a few days while showing off Mexico City to me. It was seriously an unparalleled travel experience and I can’t wait to return! Soon I’ll be making a Mexico City travel guide to show off all the awesome sights I got to experience while I was there.

But first, I’m so thankful for the crazy photography community and the friendships that grow from it. It’s insane to think how it can bring people together from literally all over the world in such honest ways. Moy and Mercedes, thank you so much for opening your home up to me and giving me such an awesome experience. I had to give back the way that I knew how, with a little impromptu couples session at el Bosque de Chapultepec.

Mexico City Couples Session

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