Travel Diaries | The Painted Hills, Eastern Oregon

The first time I heard about the Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon, I knew I had to see this sight for myself. Seeing the images of these rosy-colored rolling hills that look as if a giant painter lackadaisically traipsed by with a paintbrush lazily in their hand… as if the deep rust colors were truly painted on these golden hills, I was enamored! It took me three years of living in the Pacific Northwest before the opportunity finally came about that I was able to lay eyes on them myself.

This came about during the Fall of 2015, when I took two months off of working corporate jobs that left me feeling unfulfilled, and lived out of a van while I road tripped throughout the Southwest. I camped out in Mitchell, Oregon for this particular day. But watching the sunset on those beautiful, rust-colored hills was a dream come true…

The Painted Hills

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