Samantha and Francisco snuggling up close at Hoyt Arboretum for their Washington Park Engagement session in Portland Oregon

Washington Park Engagement | Samantha & Francisco

Samantha, Francisco, and I frolicked through Hoyt Arboretum for their Washington Park Engagement session. When we had met up earlier for drinks I knew that we were going to become fast friends, and I wasn’t wrong about that! These two sweethearts nuzzled and cuddled during their engagement session in Washington Park, showing off their love for one another and giggling cutely. Francisco previously had joked about doing the engagement session in a Stormtrooper costume buuut turns out, they’re pretty dang expensive to rent. Bah humbug. I’m still kind of stuck on that idea, any takers?

Hang tight, I’ll be sharing their wedding at the Troutdale House by the Sandy River soon. Which cutely enough also had some Star Wars themes to it, so you’ll wanna see this one! 😉

Washington Park Engagement Session

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