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If you haven’t already read the crazy, adventurous story of Katy and Mikael’s Guatemala proposal then you’re going to want to first check that out here! Then you can carry on with the rest of the adventure and their Antigua Engagement Photos in Guatemala.

Here’s the story of how Katy and Mikael met, as told by Katy

“Mikael and I met at Oregon State University through mutual friends. My best friend and roommate at the time came home from class one Friday and was like “I’m going to go watch Glee with Mikael, k bye!” And my reaction was  “why are you not hanging out with me, who the heck is Mikael, and why does he like watching Glee?!”

Fast forward a bit and I realize he’s friends with a BUNCH of my same friends. Like, a ton of them. He’s in electrical engineering and I’m in new media communications but somehow we know all the same people. He starts coming to our wild house parties and gets my then-boyfriend so drunk on Scotch he throws up all over our front yard. Yay college. I remember thinking Mikael was just a really fun nerdy guy – but I was never interested in him like that.
After we graduate, we become a little bit better friends and he starts helping me whenever I have troubles with my blog, since he’s an expert coder. At one point I offered to take engagement photos for him when he someday proposed to his then-girlfriend.
A few years later, I bought a house and needed a roommate! It turns out that Mikael had just gone through a horrible breakup and needed to move to Portland right at that same time. We moved in together as good friends and roommates. I still thought of him 100% platonically. He was just this super sweet, nerdy guy who was always fun to hang out with.
Eight months went by. Mikael and I were inseparable. We already had all the same friends, lived together, and spent most days together, and realized that we LOVED living together. He kept getting more and more attractive too. I tried to deny it for awhile, but eventually I came to terms with it: I was completely and utterly in love with him.
He didn’t really have a clue. Men are oblivious. So I started flirting with him a LOT and casually touching him more frequently. Finally, one night we got a little too tipsy together and we kissed. The next day I sat him down, and straight-up told him I was in love with him, and that if he didn’t feel the same way that was totally fine and I would work to get over him. But if he DID feel the same way, I would love to see where this went.
He took a chance on me and we decided to go for it, even as roommates. And now over three years later we’re engaged! I am so excited to get to marry my best friend!!”

Antigua Engagement Photos

Locations: Café No Sé, Bigfoot Hostel

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