Bay Area Wedding | Alexandra & Eddie


  • How did you two meet?

    Eddie and I met in our senior year of college at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Specifically, we met when I was taking a solo lap at The Tombs, the quintessential college bar that is kind of like the Cheers of Georgetown. I used to stop by The Tombs on my way home sometimes just to see who was there and that night, I met Eddie, who introduced himself and then got my number. Because he was nice and actually followed up asking me to get coffee, I deemed him VERY ODD. After a few more chance run-ins, we finally went on our first date and I realized he was not very odd but very wonderful. We’ve been together ever since.

    What's your favorite memory of each other?

    It’s tough to choose but Eddie and I both agree that our cross-country road trip to move to San Francisco is definitely one of our favorite memories. After college, Eddie and I were in a long distance relationship from NYC to Washington, D.C. I assumed Eddie would move to NYC eventually but after two years, when we decided to move to the same city, Eddie told me he wanted to move out West. To this day, I cannot remember/ have no idea how he convinced me considering that I am an anxious only-child, firmly rooted in Philadelphia/NYC…but he did! We took 10 days to drive from Philly to SF and it was such an emotional, strange, hilarious and fun trip. I cried for the first 4 hours of driving; we ended up in some mid-West town straight out of Napolean Dynamite where I ate potato soup on a really hot day; we camped in Yellowstone and a bison approached our tent, which led to mild panic; we went to snowbird in Utah in the middle of summer and finally, we ended up in Berkeley and witnessed a dance-off between 4 year olds at the farmers market. It was amazing and the beginning of us truly embarking on our life together.

    When did you know they were the ONE?

    Aside from the earliest days, once we were in a relationship, I never really thought about being with anybody but Eddie. We got each other and I couldn’t quite believe I had found that in a partner. I never had a profound realization like THIS IS IT; I just kind of felt like we would always be together. Eddie says he feels similarly

    How did your fiancé propose?

    Eddie proposed on a the Kalalau Trail in Kauai. We were on a pretty treacherous hike and then he insisted we go onto the restricted part of the trail. After about 10 minutes of bushwhacking, I asked him if we could turn back and said he was going to run ahead to see if there was a view. Eddie called back to me to join him and when I got there, he proposed. Nobody believes me, but I was totally shocked! I thought we would get engaged one day but not then there. I was so overwhelmed that I have no memory of him bending down on one knee. That was a seriously magical day and trip.

    What are you looking forward to most for your wedding day?

    I can’t wait to have all of the people Eddie and I love in one place. We moved from the East Coast, so a lot of our friends and family aren’t in SF. To have the chance to bring everyone together for such a joyous occasion will be beyond special. We’re also really excited to share Anderson Valley with our friends and family since it’s so beautiful.


Band – Busta-Groove
Caterer + bar – Fogcutter
Florist – Wild Club Design
Hair & Make-up – Ella Levya
Videographer – Inspire Me Film & Photo
Rentals – Encore Event Rentals
Shuttles – Pure Luxury
Portable Restrooms – Honeybucket
Dress – A la Robe (purchased at Loho Bride)

Bay Area Wedding

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