How to Include Your Pets On Your Wedding Day

For many couples, pets are considered members of their family. Which makes sense why you’d want to include your pets on your wedding day; they’re part of your story! Let’s dive right into how to make your big day purrfect with your pet!

Have them at the getting ready

The easiest way to have your pet take part in your big day is by having them at your getting ready location. It’s an easy and stress-free way to have them still be included in the photos! Even easier done if you’re getting married where you live and getting ready at home, plus you get the added benefit of them helping you feel more calm too!

Include them in the details

Maybe your pet can’t actually attend the celebration but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be a part of the day! You can name a signature cocktail after them, put an image of them on a napkin, or even include them in your wedding outfit! The possibilities are endless.

Pick a pet-friendly venue

If you want to include your pets on your wedding day by having them make a personal appearance and walk you down the aisle, then you absolute must pick a pet-friendly venue! Whether it’s beachside, or an indoor venue, make sure you check with management and get the a-okay.

Dress them up!

You’re going to be dressed to the nines, why shouldn’t they? They’ve got all different kinds of options these days from pup tuxes, floral collars, and even miniature veils.

hire a pet attendant or handler

If you don’t want to delegate pet-sitting to a friend or family member (so they can better enjoy the party!) then there are businesses that offer pet handling on your wedding day. Here in Portland in particular I’ve seen Wags & Garland used!

Engagement photos with your bestie!

If you can’t find a way to bring your pet to your wedding day, then why not have them as part of your engagement shoot? That way there’s no wedding day pressure, and more time for pet cuddles.

It’s time to embark on this paws-itively magical journey into wedded bliss! 🐾💍

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