Colorful and Floral Vibrant Valley Farm Wedding on Sauvie Island

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Their story…

On the very first day of college back in 2012… Amelia first met BJ. She instantly fell for him, and he (almost) instantly started dating someone else.

But they became great friends, dated other people, ended other relationships, and fell for each other from a distance the summer after their first year of school. Amelia was studying abroad in India and BJ was back home in Idaho where they wrote emails back and forth all summer long.

While they started dating long distance they made each other playlists every month and sent handwritten letters, which Amelia says always made her cry. They took every opportunity to see each other, even if the time traveling to each other was longer than the time they spent together.

When they finally moved in together, Amelia said it felt like a piece of her heart was finally put back in the right place. Since the beginning, their relationship has been defined by an excitement in each other’s individual life journey and a desire to make a path together – they can’t wait to see what they’re like and where they are in 50 years.

Their wedding day…

Amelia works on a collective of farmers growing food, flowers, and dye plants for their community. Her own specialty is cut flowers and when she first reached out to me she was dreaming up a live flower garden installation to set the scene for their ceremony at Vibrant Valley Farm.

From start to finish, they were hoping to make the event feel super personal: Amelia’s best friend since pre-K helped them design invites, one of her best flower homies helped out with the florals, and a co-farmer and chef helped cooked food that features their produce.

They dreamed about this event being a big ol’ cry fest/dance party for the village of people who have supported their love since the beginning. They chose the weekend of August 21st knowing that it would be an almost full moon, wanting to dance all night with all of the people they couldn’t hug that year.

I’m so happy to say they succeeded. Check out the photos from Amelia and BJ’s thoughtful wedding day at Vibrant Valley Farm below!

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PHOTOGRAPHER – Marcela Pulido Photography

VENUE – Vibrant Valley Farm

FLORIST – Indigo Gardens


RENTALS – Party Place

DJ – DJ NO.Bi.Es

DRESS – Lena Medoyeff

JUMPSUIT – Charlie Brear

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