Minimal and Lush Cooper’s Hall Wedding in Portland | Lia & Joshua



How did you two meet?

On Facebook through a mutual friend. We talked casually over months and then on a whim one night met in person… I picked him up half way between our houses in the Fred Meyer parking lot at 3 am. Don’t tell our parents that though ; )

What’s your favorite memory of each other?

All of them!

When did you know they were the ONE?

We knew something was up on day 1.

How did your fiancé propose?

We planned the day for weeks after designing a ring together for months. Josh took me into the backyard of our home and asked me to marry him. No down on a knee or anything because it didn’t appeal to us. Then we went out to dinner at the first restaurant we went out to on a date – Ned Ludd.

What are you looking forward to most for your wedding day?

Being together with all of our family, having a big party with awesome food, and knowing that we’re finally husband / wife!


Florist: Katherine Gidlow with Blue Florals

Cake: Dream Cakes


Venue/Catering/Food: Cooper’s Hall

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