Silver Falls Moody Wolf Elopement Inspiration

We were inspired by the nature of the wolf; innately wild, inherently beautiful, and immensely loyal. The lone wolf howls into the night, illuminated bathed in moonlight and searching for his pack, for his mate. The wolf is symbolically ruled by the moon, which ties into femininity, romance and whose cyclical phases are a symbol of eternity. We wrapped all of these themes together to pay tribute to the wolf and create this moody, wild and darkly romantic inspired ‘everlasting love’ wedding inspiration shoot at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. This elopement in the woods shows two souls finding each other and uniting for life. Besides choosing the couple’s styling as an opportunity to express some edgy, moody vibes, we made the most out of our beautiful natural landscape. Silver Falls was the perfect natural backdrop providing breathtaking waterfalls and a lush forested landscape. It was overcast and just a bit rainy that day which helped enhance the mood we were looking for. I am excited to present this shoot and share the creative work of talented vendors in hopes to shine a positive light on wolves. They are beautiful creatures with sense of loyalty and strength and are so vital for a strong ecosystem. We should preserve their protection.

Silver Falls Moody Wolf Elopement Inspiration


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