Escape to a Washington A-Frame Cabin for an Emotional and Snowy Winter Elopement

Capturing Emily and Franco’s intimate elopement at a stunning A-frame cabin in the heart of Mt. Rainier forest was an adventure filled with surprises.

Picture this – a cozy A-frame cabin nestled in the enchanting Mt. Rainier forest, where Emily and Franco planned to start their wedding day. Our original plan included getting ready at the cabin and then embarking on a drive to a scenic vista point. There, we would hike out at sunset, creating a breathtaking backdrop with Mt. Rainier.

Seems like a dream, doesn’t it?

However, as any seasoned photographer knows, plans don’t always unfold as expected.

Hailing from Portland, I wanted to avoid any weather-related hiccups on the day of the elopement. So, I made the journey a day in advance, ensuring ample time for preparations. Little did I know, the day of the elopement brought an unexpected twist – a significant amount of snow that caught us off guard.

Undeterred, I maintained a positive outlook until I reached their cabin. Positioned closer to the mountain than my accommodation, it became evident that the roads might be impassable due to the unexpected snowfall.

Fortunately, Emily and Franco embraced the unforeseen challenges with grace, despite being visitors from out of town. They were an absolute delight, turning the A-frame cabin into a magical, snowy backdrop for their intimate ceremony. Against the backdrop of a winter wonderland, they exchanged vows outdoors, followed by a relaxing dip in the hot tub.

Explore the enchanting moments of Emily and Franco’s snowy A-frame cabin elopement at Mt. Rainier below!

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Marcela Pulido Photography

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