5 Steps To Have A Micro-Wedding or Elopement

COVID-19 has changed the landscape for what weddings will look like for at least through the end of 2020. We wont be able to have the large extravagant parties that we’re all so used to when it comes to celebrating weddings and love. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still create memorable moments to be captured. In fact, I’ve heard quite a few clients of mine reach out to say that the big wedding was really for their families but that personally they’re excited to have a more low-key and intimate affair to commemorate their vows!

How To Have A Micro-Wedding or Elopement

  1. Pick Your Location.
    Lucky for us, the Pacific Northwest has a wealth of incredible locations to choose from! Whether you’re looking for waterfalls, coastal, mountain views, or lakes, Oregon and Washington have so many options at your disposal! Check out my list of Top 10 locations to elope in the PNW!
  2. Hire Your Vendors.
    You’ll need some florals, get your make up done, and please for the love of god hire a photographer! You’ll want beautiful images to remember this special day. I suggest hiring local from the Vendors of Color Directory and help support the marginalized community while you’re at it!
  3. Get Dressed Up.
    You’ll want to look your best in photos. Buy a dress or suit that makes you feel special. Just because you’re not throwing a big wedding doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to buy a beautiful dress dress or suit. Check out BHLDN or A & Bé Bridal for some gorgeous options!
  4. Make It Meaningful.
    Add in some traditions or things that feel special and authentic to the two of you. Make sure that you take some extra time with your vows and really put your heart into it. It’s so special when you get a few tears during the really emotional moments!
  5. Practice Social Distancing and Wear Your Masks!
    Some folks opt to get tested the week of and quarantine before the wedding to make sure they can safely enjoy the day and hug their loved ones while they’re celebrating. This works great for photos and celebrations with such a small group of people!


What do you think? Does a micro-wedding or elopement look to be in your future? You can view my pricing guide here and don’t forget to reach out to reserve your date. I’m ready to capture some beautiful moments for you!

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