Escape to the Oregon Coast for a dreamy blue hour elopement

As the sun set on the Oregon Coast, I had the privilege of capturing an intimate elopement that took on a dreamy, moody atmosphere. With only the couple’s closest friends and family, and their beloved pet chihuahua, in attendance, the setting was intimate and personal.

Golden hour was truly magical, casting a warm glow over the beach. But once the sun settled into blue hour, the mood shifted and the atmosphere became even more ethereal. The couple took out lanterns and wandered around the beach, and I was able to capture the dreamy and moody photos that truly captured the intimacy of the occasion.

This intimate elopement on the Oregon Coast was a truly special and memorable experience, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. The moody, intimate setting and the dreamy photos will always hold a special place in the couple’s hearts, and in mine as well.

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