Laidback but Elegant Leach Botanical Garden Wedding | Rachel & Adam

This Leach Botanical Garden wedding was an absolute dream. The perffect blend of laidback with elegant details.

About the couple:

How did you two meet?

We met through a mutual friend about 7 years ago. We kept in touch as friends, but didn’t start seeing each other seriously until a year after we first met. Once we were together we were really together, and moved across the country together 9 months after we started dating. Not typical for either of us, but it has always been very natural.

What’s your favorite memory of each other?

When we first started dating we were both working a lot/too much, and so we’d send each other long emails multiple times a day. We got to know each other through writing and we still share things this way. Those first emails were very formative.

When did you know they were the ONE?

I’m not sure there was a moment. But I think from the beginning it was clear that we really understood and loved the each other. It was and is (usually) really easy and happy.

How did your fiancé propose?

While we were on vacation in Costa Rica after my grad school graduation, he made me a special breakfast and the ring was sitting on my plate around a bundle of chive blossoms that he’d brought with him from our apartment in NY.

What are you looking forward to most for your wedding day?

The small intimate gathering of our families who live on opposite coasts.


Photography: Marcela Pulido Photography

Venue: Leach Botanical Gardens

Flowers: Kailla Platt

Dress: Shaina Mote

Suit: J. Crew

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